Instant Room with Peter Dunham

Instant Room with Peter Dunham

summary Fabulous Fabrics

Exotic voyages and experiencing childhood in Europe affected Peter Dunham's stunning texture accumulation, which he says is "half Jackie Kennedy goes to Jaipur and half Brigitte Bardot 1960s South of France."

Fabulous Fabrics

Fabulous Fabrics

Designer Peter Dunham shares the best textures for couches, rockers, footrests, and more!

The Chair

The Chair

Chair"KASHMIR PAISLEY has the geometric punch of David Hicks texture from the 60s. It helps the seat and furthermore gives it an immortal look." Barrymore Chair from Hollywood at Home.

The Ottoman

The Ottoman

Ottoman"STARBURST includes shimmer and removes some reality from the room." Garner Ottoman from Hollywood at Home.

Start Here

Start Here

Start HereSamarkand in Blue/red; linen"A companion had a nineteenth century Persian tablecloth he purchased in Tangiers. I generally cherished it, so I adjusted it. The two men and ladies feel great with ethnic prints. This is incredible for shades and for upholstered dividers—it's striking, however simple to live with." PETER DUNHAM TEXTILES: 310-273-6200

Best For Upholstery

Best For Upholstery: Sofa

"A thick cloth that is soak in agreeable. The tweedy weave has profundity, and it separates the red so it's not overwhelming. " KATHRYN M. IRELAND: 310-315-4351.

Best For Upholstery

Best For Upholstery: Sofa or Armchair

"It's luxurious however downplayed, and I adore the shading. The uneven weave adds awesome surface to the room." JASPER: 310-315-3028.

Best For Upholstery

Best For Upholstery: Sofa or Curtains

Ikat in Pomegranate; Linen"Easy to layer with different textures, and it can be utilized as a part of a cutting edge or conventional setting, in the city or nation ." PETER DUNHAM TEXTILES: 310-273-6200.

Best For Accents

Best For Accents: Ottoman

"This is a glad texture. It puts a grin all over." PETER DUNHAM TEXTILES: 310-273-6200.

Best For Accents

Best For Accents: Pillows

"It's blustery yet intricate. I cherish the vintage look." CAROLINA IRVING THROUGH HOLLYWOOD AT HOME: 310-273-6200.

Best For Accents

Best For Accents: Chair

"The weaving makes it super luxury, yet the design is straightforward. I wish I had designed it myself!" JED JOHNSON HOME:

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