Color Websites Worth a Visit

Color Websites Worth a Visit

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There's a Website for everything! Take a mental shading test, read your shading horoscope, and learn cool shading incidental data at these five fun destinations that will keep you occupied for hours.


Kate Smith's dinner of shading data ranges from handy tips to interesting random data. Other than her own interpretation of 25 paint brands and her present enthusiasm for getting metallic hues into the garden, take in the more profound importance of orange roses, the shade of bundling that signs good dieting (blue!), and the induction of the expression "in the pink" (it's British). Visit here.


When it comes to concocting brilliant shading plans, top-flight draftsmen consider paint maestro Donald Kaufman to be a craftsman. Go straight to the glossary for Kaufman's astute meanings of words and ideas identified with shading, light, and space. Violet, he judges, is the most vaporous shading, "almost constantly going to dissipate." Visit here.


Work your way through this diversion, picking and dispensing with hued squares, to uncover your mental pinnacles and valleys. The endgame is a down to business evaluation of your most profound enthusiastic needs and deficiencies. Bootlicking searchers, stay away! Visit here.


It resembles perusing your horoscope, yet with shading. Tap on the month and day you were destined to discover the real shade of your birthday and what it implies about you. So you were conceived on September 5? You're an innovative, energetic, and dramatic sort, and your shading is similarly tasty: Neptune Green. Visit here.


If hues could babble, they'd do it at this Grand Central Station of shading and design data. Tap on a great many hues, palettes, examples, and presents on start your imagination; participate in shading challenges; scrutinize beautiful shows (Indian film notices and matchboxes, anybody?); or simply visit a blue streak with shading darlings around the world. Visit here.

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Color Obsession of the Week: Tangerine

1. Polish Tray in Orange, $150. 2. Essie Nail Polish in Fear or Desire, $8. 3. Pocket 8GB Calfskin USB Flash Drive, $270. 4. Cowhide Lined Notebook in Orange, $20. 5. Star in Color 060, to the exchange. 6. Mimosa Frames in Mango, $13-$15. 7. General Travel Adapter in Orange, $20. 8. Benjamin Moore Paint in Tangelo 2017-30. 9. Quinn Rug in Clementine $58-$1240. 10. Ojai Pillow in Orange by Trina Turk, $200.

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Bright Colors for North-Facing Rooms

Here at House Beautiful, we adore stunning kitchens, and we know you do as well. That is the reason we figured it is amusing to investigate the best kitchens of 2008. We trust you appreciate them as much as we do! See a greater amount of our best kitchens here.

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Are Cool Colors the Right Palette for You?

Designer Milly de Cabrol makes a quieting impact in this New York City home with a cool shading palette. On a scale from 1 to 10, is this the correct shading palette for you?


12 Colors Perfect for Your Entryway

The anteroom is the main thing you see when you stroll into a house, so by what means would it be advisable for it to feel? Twelve designers share their most loved tints for making an incredible first impression.

Coral Red

Color Obsession of the Week: Coral Red

Stool, Tennyson.

lime decor

Color Obsession of the Week: Lime Green

Rothesay Lantern, $2,200. Jacqui Coffee Table in Green, $715. Tape & Dispenser. Filo, $ Neon Tape, $4 for six Round Metal Chair in lime by Skalny, $92. Tashkent cloth in grass on shellfish texture. Mailn + Goetz Lime bar cleanser, $10. Nite Ize Gear Tie, set of two, $5.

What's All This Blue Stuff About?

The thought began basically enough: Create a blue-themed issue. Why blue? "That is the shading individuals connect with House Beautiful, the most prevalent of all hues, a shading brimming with positive sentiments and regularly inclined to fixation," Stephen clarifies. Along these lines was conceived the March 2010 House Beautiful with highlights on blue textures, blue kitchens, blue bathrooms, and an astounding glance back at "70 Years of Blue" in the pages of the magazine.

So, Which Pantone Color of the Year Really Won?

Every December, Pantone reports the solitary tone that will infest our homes and our closets in the up and coming months. But this year, they picked two: Rose Quartz and Serenity. (Love the homes that component the tints above? The blue bedroom can be found in this 1930s homestead by Catherine Brown Paterson, and the pink one was designed by Jamie Drake for the Kips Bay Showhouse.)