Apartment Therapy's Small Space Solutions

Apartment Therapy's Small Space Solutions

Small Cool 2009 Winner

As a kindred New Yorker, I'm stunned by minuscule division champ Kevin's "Triple Threat" 210-square-feet apartment on the Upper West Side. He altered and orchestrated his prized belonging so precisely that despite everything he has room to have companions over for supper and host end of the week visitors. I additionally respect worldwide champ Rajiv's responsibility regarding the kitchen. He moved dividers around in his 500-square-feet Bangalore, India, home to suit an open space where he can cook for companions. What's more, I can't resist the urge to acknowledge Brenden and Shannon's charming San Francisco apartment. They picked the ideal low-profile furniture to fill every last bit of their 478 square feet.

After perusing through the other Small Cool winners, I'm certainly eager to prepare my apartment for one year from now's competition!

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