8 Unexpected Color Combinations Designers Can't Live Without

8 Unexpected Color Combinations Designers Can't Live Without

summary 8 Unexpected Color Combinations Designers Can

You've seen a million designer rooms in the attempted and-real nature plans (again with the blue and dim?). In any case, they're not really the following level shading combos that interior designers use to thoroughly change a room. We requested that designers share the surprising and extraordinarily chic palettes they swing to time and time again.


Blue + White + Tan

"One of my most loved shading mixes is blue, white, and tan. A delicate blue is the ideal fly of shading alongside a great white, and with some unforeseen sandy tan tossed it, it refreshes the exemplary shading blend in a simple way. So dazzling!" – Laurel and Wolf designer Jessica Today

Light Blue

Light Blue + Bright Red

"Sky blue and red. To us, it feels like a refined turn on exemplary Americana." – Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone of Consort Design.


Turquoise + Green + Gray

"For an alternate contort on blue and green, I adore how turquoise, green, and dark meet up to make intrigue and revive a room." – Amanda Reynal of Amanda Reynal Interiors


Gray + Black + White

"I like a light dim matched with high contrast. Here you can see the divider shading is delicate, complimenting and makes a serene domain." – Karen Vidal of Design Vidal. Refresh any high contrast room with one layer of paint from Behr's Marquee line: Try a simple to-utilize dim like Shoreline Haze (MQ6-31).

Kelly Green

Kelly Green + Gray

"I adore Kelly green and dark. Dim is the shading of the day in interior design – it is quiet and refined in the meantime, and can be converted into a wide range of types. What's more, when Kelly green accents –, for example, drape trim, end tables, and seat cushions – are added to dark, the points of interest turn out to be more characterized and fresh." – Amanda Reynal of Amanda Reynal Interiors


Rose + Cream + Burgundy

"The mix of delicate rose with creams and profound burgundy is a most loved of mine. The glow and serene palette are ideal for a bedroom." – Sarah Magness of Magness Design. For a comparative cream paint shading that shrouds divider flaws with a simple one-coat application, look at Behr Marquee Quiet On The Set (MQ3-04).


Turquoise + Cobalt

"Blues are extremely prominent in home stylistic layout now, yet the two blues I like matched together best are turquoise and cobalt. This not just conveys a crisp, beachy vibe, it emits an exceptionally rich look. It's at present motivating my up and coming texture gathering!" – Designer Dana Gibson

Kelly Green

Lime Green + Pastel Blue

"Lime green and light blue is a mix that feels beautiful and natural while as yet being dynamic. By picking two hues that are near each other on the shading wheel – blue and green – as the headliner, this sunroom is tranquil and welcoming while as yet having profundity." – Amanda Reynal of Amanda Reynal Interiors

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