30+ Stylish Home Bars

30+ Stylish Home Bars

summary Bars

Expecting visitors? Shake things up with these invigorating design ideas.


Gilded Cart

A vintage bar truck by Paul McCobb for Calvin is constantly very much loaded and prepared for engaging in this brilliant Nantucket home.

Metallic Magic

Wallpaper Backsplash

Stark's China Lack backdrop adds a chic note to a Manhattan apartment's worked in bar unit, painted in Farrow and Ball's All White and Benjamin Moore's Blue Lagoon.

Textbook Perfection

Red, White, and Blue

An Italian neoclassical table fills in as the bar in a bright New York apartment designed by Christopher Maya.

Surfboard Bar

Mid-Century Mod

While the hanging seat in this sunroom might be unusual, the loaded side table requires somewhat more development. The Ties needlepoint cushion, McMillan screen, and Meurice head servant's plate table are all from Jonathan Adler's collection.

Colorful Bookshelf

Minty Mojito

Richard Keith Langham made this Art Deco-style bar in a Miami Beach tall structure apartment. The backs of Artistic Frame barstools are canvassed in Ogee from Sonia's Place, and the seats are in Pindler and Pindler's ostrich vinyl.

Living Room Bar

Wine Cellar

In a Spanish frontier, light from the floor and behind wood racks draws out the shifted surfaces of the earthenware dividers and vaulted ceiling.

Bar Cart

Metallic Magic

A plated mirror and truck include the fitting measure of charm to a six o'clock mixed drink.

Faux Bois Art Bar

Textbook Perfection

To welcome visitors appropriately, take notes from this reassure bar designed by Miles Redd. Fill an ice can (or a bowl), supply lemon and lime wedges, and finish off the alluring spread with a vase of crisp blossoms or foliage.


Surf's Up

A rack looking like a surfboard holds all the alcohol bottles in this backyard tiki bar. Above it are delightful blowfish light installations from Oceanic Arts, an awesome hotspot for each comprehensible Polynesian-themed outfitting and accessory.

Bookcase Bar

Liquor Shelf

If there's no room for a truck or plate table, simply discharge out one bookshelf rather, similar to this comfortable Vermont living room.

Old World Bar

Dark and Stormy

One of two kitchen islands in an Alabama lake house serves as the living room bar.

Vintage Bar

Welcoming Spread

"Show, don't tell, what you're presenting with an all around designated bar," says designer Bunny Williams. "Visitors feel more at home when they can help themselves."

Colorful Interior

Disco Backsplash

The proprietors of a Manhattan hang had a painted bamboo bar introduced for simple engaging. Mirror tiles cover the backsplash to expand light.

Basket Bar

Classic Georgian

In a specialty of a Southern house, a little bar is set up on a custom plate table. The vintage reflect is a thrift-shop find.


Purple Punch

Drawings are assembled for affect underneath an Anglo-Indian mirror in an energetic fifth-age family home.


Blue-Green Stripes

The homeowner of a house in East Hampton, New York, requested that craftsman Richard Woods work his fun, false bois enchantment on the bar, changing a closet-like space into a clear point of convergence. "It's imaginative, however especially a bar," designer Mica Ertegun says. "It's unusual, fun, surprising — and one-of-a-kind."

Moroccan Bar


In an upstate New York house designed by Gray Davis of Meyer Davis Studio, drinks are served from the "barmoire."

Faux Painted Cypress Bar

Fresh Air

The dividers of the Patrick Gallagher's palazzo apartment in Rome are very nearly three feet thick, which implies the windowsill is sufficiently extensive to fill in as a bar amid parties.

A Gentleman

Glossy Navy

In a Manhattan apartment enhanced by Amanda Nisbet, dividers lacquered in Benjamin Moore's Aura in Midnight Navy decorate a minor corridor bar.

Beach Basket Bar


An antique shelf serves as a bar in this Manhattan apartment designed by Phoebe and Jim Howard. Inside is dish sets by William Yeoward Crystal.

Dutch Door Bar

Vintage Credenza

In designer Peter Dunham's Los Angeles apartment, a Samsung TV hangs over a 1960s Danish credenza that serves as a bar.

Bar Cart

Rope Bar Cart

Vintage French decorations — two calfskin seats and a rope bar truck — add European energy to the living room in Leslie Klotz's Parisian-enlivened New York apartment.

Home Bar

Elegant Bar

"A little bar concealed toward the edge of a living room is such inviting signal," designer Meg Braff says of this house in Lattingtown, New York. She picked collectibles and a smooth palette to loan "an old-world appeal" to the space. Dividers are lacquered in a custom gold shade to bob around the light.


Vintage Backdrop

In the dining room of their Barnard, Vermont, bungalow, Deirdre Heekin and Caleb Barber set up a rich old-world bar on her youth work area, put against a background of vintage backdrop from Second Hand Rose.

Jonathan Adler Sunroom

Colorful Interior

In a vivid and little Manhattan apartment designed by Philip Gorrivan, a vintage bar bureau by De Coene Frères is as reflexive as the dividers, which are lacquered in an exclusively red from Fine Paints of Europe. It makes engaging easy.

Bamboo Bar

Basket Bar

In a Malibu home, a 1860s refectory table from Hideaway House holds designer Lawrence Rizkowsky's most loved living room adornment — a light from a glass container — and an antique wicker bushel that fills in as an easygoing bar. The root wood reflect is from JF Chen.


Console Bar

A reassure fills in as a bar in the sunroom of designer Amanda Lindroth's Bahamas house. "Each island house needs an awesome, overflowing bar," she says. An artwork by the conspicuous Bahamian outcast craftsman Amos Ferguson fills in as a setting. The poufs and rope clock from Two's Company.

Bar Cart


"Kay brought this étagère from her old New York apartment," says designer T. Keller Donovan of the bar territory in Kay Gilman's Palm Beach apartment. "It's work of art yet present day. The expansive veneer plate influence it to look younger."

Home Bar

Exotic Bar

Designer Ashley Whittaker's customers "needed a house with agreeable rooms for the family and formal rooms where they could engage." For the bar, she pick Aladdin tile from Waterworks to invoke a fascinating Moroccan feel.

Home Bar

Imitation Wood

The bar is unique in Liza Pulitzer Calhoun's Florida house. She had it artificial painted to take after pecky cypress. Stools are from Fran's Wicker.

Home Bar

Gentleman's Bar

Inspired by a man of his word's smoking parlor, the bar in this New York apartment designed by David Rockwell, worked by C. Stasky, is clad in Maya Romanoff's True Metals Coffers.

Living Room

Organized Bar

Designer Tom Scheerer corralled barware and alcohol bottles in a crate with coordinating napkin caddy in a Vero Beach, Florida house: "I put it between the living and family rooms. Bars express welcome and sociability, and I like them out in the open."

Hidden Speakeasy

A Dutch entryway off the living room of an upstate New York house designed by Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller opens to a closet-estimate serving bar.

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