30+ Amazing Paint Color Ideas for Every Spot in Your House

30+ Amazing Paint Color Ideas for Every Spot in Your House

summary Gray Kitchen

Skip the second chances and pick the ideal paint shading the first run through around. What's the mystery? Ask the stars. Here, master designers shared many their most loved tints for each space, shade and season. It's our best paint shading exhortation, across the board put.

Sophisticated Yellow

Colors for Your Front Door

What's the snappiest, least demanding makeover you can do? Paint your front entryway in one of these inviting colors.Get our shading picks »

Colors for Your Foyer

Colors for Your Foyer

Entryways are about early introductions. Get off on the correct foot with an announcement influencing tone, to like Benjamin Moore's Razzle Dazzle. Get our shading picks »

Parrish Chilcoat and Joe Lucas Gray Kitchen

Colors for Your Kitchen

A beautiful kitchen doesn't should be white. Branch out with one of these most loved hues for the core of your home. Get our shading picks »

White Paint Colors for Kitchens

Colors for a White Kitchen

But in case you're determined to this customary shade (a few rooms simply require it!), don't miss the nuances of alabaster, cream and everything in the middle. Six designers uncovered their dependable tones, saving you a long evening in the paint aisle.Get our shading picks »

Michael Maher New Jersey House

Colors for Your Dining Room

Even formal dining rooms can have a fabulous time. Try not to miss these designer takes in each shade of the rainbow.Get our shading picks »

Living Room

Colors for Your Living Room

Dark and comfortable or brilliant and breezy, there's 101 approaches in the living room. Take out the mystery by taking a professionally-picked color.Get our shading picks »

Master Bedroom

Colors for Your Bedroom

With simply the correct bedroom tint, you'll nod off speedier — and wake up more invigorated. Reboot your existence with paint hues for an exquisite retreat.Get our shading picks »

Hot Pink Accents

Colors for Kid's Bedrooms

Picking a swatch you both concede to is as of now a battle, however finding a tint children can develop into is much harder. These paint hues stand the trial of time for tots to teenagers. Get our shading picks »

Leafy Green bathroom

Colors for Your Bathroom

Whether you need a brighter begin to the day or an at-home spa, there's a without flaw shade holding up in the wings. (Psst: This one is Benjamin Moore's Weekend Getaway.)Get our shading picks »

Colors for Small Spaces

Colors for Small Spaces

White isn't the main shading that can influence a room to look greater. Top designers share their most loved overwhelming hues for little spaces.Get our shading picks »

Kitchen Paint Color Tidewater

Best Blues

It's no mystery that we adore blue, so this short rundown demonstrated intense to incorporate. The main factor? Every one of these watery hues plays well with others, including white, green, yellow and even orange. Get our shading picks »

Gray Kitchen Bar With Tile Backsplash

Soothing Grays

Decorating with dark doesn't need to exhaust. These slates, charcoals and greiges demonstrate even neutrals can raise the stakes. Get our shading picks »

Purple Lavender Entryway

Pretty Purples

Whether you cherish it or abhor it, you can't deviate: The shading purple is without a doubt snappy. Get the best assortments, from lilac to aubergine. Get our shading picks »

Orange Living Room

Outstanding Oranges

Orange isn't really neon. Utilize these most loved shades and your home won't look like a development zone.Get our shading picks »

green rooms

Great Greens

Verdant and new, there's a reason green works in each room. Pick between lime, pea and clover, just to give some examples of these expert endorsed picks. Get our shading picks »

Millenial Pink

Trendy Colors

Pantone named "greenery" as the shade of the year, however so far "millennial pink" has developed as the genuine MVP. Pick dusty rose or another cutting edge tone for Insta-prepared dividers. Get our shading picks »

Kristin Kong Mauve Dining Room

Relaxing Colors

Your home's going to have a zen minute, and it helpfully arrives in a one-gallon can. Accomplish inward peace utilizing these serene shades.Get our shading picks »

Living Room Painting

Classic Colors

The trial of time is the hardest one of all. Pick a shading for the ages and the future will look some additional splendid. Get our shading picks »

Frances Merrill California House

Bold Colors

They're unquestionably over the top, yet just in the most ideal way. Strong picks, similar to Farrow and Ball's Hague Blue, will wow each time you go into the room. Get our shading picks »


Best-Selling Colors

The individuals have talked, and a few tints work for pretty much everybody and everything. That is correct, Benjamin Moore's White Dove made the rundown, yet a couple of best dealers may shock you.Get our shading picks »

Best Color Combinations

Best Color Combinations

Some things just clearly go together (hi, blue and white!) however master counsel is constantly welcome with regards to more courageous blending. These surprising two part harmonies look so great together that you may very well ask why you didn't consider them first.Get our shading picks »

Stony Ground Paint

Healing Colors

Let a little shading brain science influence you to feel renewed. Interior designers realize that the privilege mitigating tone can work ponders for your psyche and soul.Get our shading picks »

green room decor

Colors for Your Zodiac Sign

Your horoscope can control those troublesome DIY choices. Libras, accomplish amicability with shades of green, notwithstanding when the stars don't adjust to support you. Get our shading picks »

Color Meanings in Feng Shui

Feng Shui Color Meanings

Not beyond any doubt how certain hues will influence you to feel? Begin with this Feng Shui cheat sheet.Get our shading picks »

Swedish Summer House

Colors Inspired by Spring

You know spring has sprung when the grass begins to green, the blossoms start to sprout and the leaves dab the trees. Understand that crisp feeling all year by painting your home a beautiful, spring-enlivened shading (or two).Get our shading picks »

Colors Inspired by Fall

Colors Inspired by Summer

A warm-climate get-away is nearer than you might suspect. Several layers of these summery hues and you'll crave commencing your shoes (and stirring up a mixed drink). Get our shading picks »


Colors Inspired by Fall

If harvest time is your most loved season, for what reason not duplicate the evolving takes off? Try not to miss our most loved fall shading plans and paint hues for pumpkin-spiced decor.Get our shading picks »

Camp Style

Neutral Colors

Avoid ho-murmur neutrals. These go-to nuts and bolts highlight a couple of astonishments, similar to a smoky lavender, greenery green and chocolate dark colored. Get our shading picks »

Colors That Make You Look Younger

Sure-Bet Colors

Indecision has met its match. Out of several alternatives to look over, top designers uncovered a couple of approaches to venture out without doubts. Get our shading picks »

Flattering Colors

Youthful Colors

Plastic specialists, be careful! Hues can influence you to look more youthful — you simply need to pick the correct one. These are designers' most loved tones for taking the years off.Get our shading picks »

Flattering Colors

Look (and feel!) your best by picking the correct scenery. Clue: It's typically pink or blue. Presently if just every room gave a similar certainty help... Get our shading picks »

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Bright Colors for North-Facing Rooms

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Color Websites Worth a Visit

There's a Website for everything! Take a mental shading test, read your shading horoscope, and learn cool shading incidental data at these five fun locales that will keep you occupied for hours.

Cool and Calming Living Room

Are Cool Colors the Right Palette for You?

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Coral Red

Color Obsession of the Week: Coral Red

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lime decor

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What's All This Blue Stuff About?

The thought began basically enough: Create a blue-themed issue. Why blue? "That is the shading individuals connect with House Beautiful, the most prevalent of all hues, a shading brimming with positive sentiments and regularly inclined to fixation," Stephen clarifies. Along these lines was conceived the March 2010 House Beautiful with highlights on blue textures, blue kitchens, blue bathrooms, and an astounding glance back at "70 Years of Blue" in the pages of the magazine.