25 Blue Paints That Will Speak to Your Soul

25 Blue Paints That Will Speak to Your Soul

summary 25 Blue Paints That Will Speak to Your Soul

Blue is the world's most loved shading, and maybe the most flexible. The shading can seem likened to a foggy dim or a tidal pond blue-green and everything in the middle of, however one thing stays steady: it's dazzling. It works similarly well as both an announcement shading and an emphasize in a room, it's no big surprise designers cherish it to such an extent. Read on for top designers' most loved shades, and your design objectives will encounter blue skies ahead.

Old Glory

Old Glory, Benjamin Moore

"This exemplary cobalt has a delicateness that makes it the ideal complement in any space. I've utilized it in polished for a complexity front entryway and on a dining room roof couple with realistic highly contrasting wallpaper. Both applications are startling, warm and add a trace of Americana to the space." —  Emilie Munroe


Gentleman's Gray, Benjamin Moore

"This is a rich dim blue with a great deal of dim in it. This shading has awesome profundity and is beautiful in a room from floor to roof." —  Lindsey Coral Harper


Brigand, C2

"This is hands down my most loved blue paint. It's relatively dark in a few lights, grabbing shades of blue when light is presented. Like a creepy crawly's skin or the foundation in a Rembrandt painting: it's striking, mysterious and completely hot." —  Jon Call 

Fairview Blue

Fairview Blue, Benjamin Moore

"This is my unequaled favorite. It's a bolder blue, yet isn't excessively hostile as a result of its lighter tone. I cherish that a shading can create an impression in a room without being excessively overwhelming. I even had my bedroom painted this shade, and it was magnificently quieting." —  Maddy Pasqualini


Pigeon, Farrow and Ball

"Pigeon is an incredible not very dim, not very light blue-green shade of dark with the ideal measure of profundity. I want to utilize it in a bedroom since it is an awesome setting for light smooth neutrals and in addition rich grouchy tones. On the off chance that you need to paint the outside of your home however can't, utilize this shading on your front entryway for an inconspicuous revive." —  Jason Arnold Interiors 

Inchyra Blue

Inchyra Blue, Farrow and Ball

"This color is so substantial, with rich blue green shades, it feels like a cashmere cover, at first cool to the touch yet wrapping and gradually warming. We are utilizing it next in a matte complete in a formal Bermuda dining room, realizing that most dinners will be outdoors with the exception of in winter months. The state of mind will be deeper however we'll need a reference to that sea encompassing the island." —  Celerie Kemble

Lulworth Blue

Lulworth Blue, Farrow and Ball

"I love this shading. It's a light blue that works in a room; it's clean, fresh and stimulating." —  Liana Reid

Drawing Room Blue

Drawing Room Blue, Farrow and Ball

"This is the ideal navy. It takes into account accents, for example, oranges, greens, yellows and tans for a beautiful, encompassing cocoon. It is imagined that dull hues influence a space to appear to be littler, yet with this the inverse is valid: They make the dividers recess. It's a more emotional other option to dark." —  Grant K. Gibson

Newburyport Blue

Newburyport Blue, Benjamin Moore

"Blues can dominate and overwhelm a room, however not Newburyport Blue. It is unobtrusive yet sufficiently solid to grapple a room or even the exterior of a house. I adore the outcomes I have accomplished in suggest comfortable room dividers where differentiating workmanship and window hangings emerge carefully." —  Moises Esquenazi 


Tranquility, Benjamin Moore

"It has enough dim in it to sloppy it up and give it profundity, so despite the fact that it's a light blue, it feels testy and advanced. I cherish it in an ace bedroom; it's an incredible foundation to layer in strong hues." —  Karen Vidal 

New York State Of Mind

New York State Of Mind, Benjamin Moore

"It's a sufficiently profound blue to be exquisite, yet not very dull that it influences the room to feel encased. Blue can be tricky. If you pick the wrong shading it can feel like it has a place in a kids' room. Be that as it may, New York State of Mind is a blue for adult spaces. It's chic, understated and glad." —  Lauren Behfarin 


Bluebird, Paint And Paper Library

"I cherish how brilliant this color is and how it can be made modern with high contrast, or it can be used as a building piece shading for kids. It is also my new 'sprinkle of' shading. Where already I have gone for yellow, progressively I end up needing to include this blue as an extra." —  Rita Konig

Club Navy

Club Navy, Ralph Lauren

"It's the ideal dim rich blue that peruses neither too warm nor excessively cool. It also looks chic lacquered on a credenza or hanging light. I have come back to it commonly for both customary and contemporary undertakings." —  Amanda Reynal


Stunning, Benjamin Moore

"The name says it all. It's shocking. It's profound, striking and quite comfortable. I have utilized it on everything from dividers in a customary dining room to cabinetry in a cutting edge children's bathroom. It blends well with fresh white, delicate dim, silver, gold and even dark. Utilizing a dark blue as a base can give a space major visual effect." —  Jess McClendon

Navy Lacquer

Navy Lacquer, Fine Paints Of Europe

"There is nothing chicer than a lacquered room. I adore this rich blue, and the way it plays against different hues. I additionally cherish how it sets off against a white trim and roof." —  Alex Papachristidis 

Hague Blue

Hague Blue, Farrow and Ball

"It resembles gazing into the sea from the deck of a yacht at nightfall." —  J. Randall Powers

Iron Blue

Iron Blue, Ralph Lauren

"I adore how dim, romantic and warm this shading is. A great many people are frightened a blue shade will influence the room to look chilly, yet this one has enough yellow in it to be dim without being miserable." —  Orlando Soria, imaginative executive of Homepolish

Slate Wall

Slate Wall, Dunn Edwards

"I adore this profound, quieted blue for bedrooms. It prompts a quiet and unwinding air, ideal for a great night's sleep." — Laurel and Wolf designer James Tabb


Distance, Sherwin-Williams

"It's an excellent marine blue with touches of dim and indigo. You could utilize it on a front entryway or in a comfortable room like a library. The shading works extraordinary on dividers with white trim or in a room with a considerable measure of white furniture." —  Trip Haenisch 

Whispering Spring

Whispering Spring, Benjamin Moore

"This is my preferred decision for low roofs and dividers of rooms that need a trace of profundity and measurement. It is environmental and far reaching." —  Don Stewart 

Gale Force

Gale Force, Sherwin-Williams

"It has a grumpy wealth that will add profundity to any room. In a lacquered complete, it would be impeccable in a beach front home." —  Laurel & Wolf designer Kimberly Winthrop

Hale Navy

Hale Navy, Benjamin Moore

"This is a rich nonpartisan that functions admirably in both conventional and present day spaces. Profound naval force puts forth a solid expression without scaring. Dark undercurrents keep up advancement and keep this shading from feeling nautical." —  Katie Hodges 

Pavillion Blue

Pavillion Blue, Farrow and Ball

"It has a luminescent quality and moves between a watery blue to a dim green-blue contingent upon what it is matched with and the regular light in the room. We have been utilizing it on roofs and as trim shading to supplement realistic backdrops." —  Christine Markatos


Cruising, Sherwin-Williams

"The dim somewhat blue/greenish hue helps me to remember one of the different shades of the sea that I encountered amid my current summer excursion to the Cayman Islands. This quieting tint would look breathtaking as a divider shading in a powder bathroom, dining room or study. This shading is an intense, brilliant and impactful tint of blue, which are every one of the characteristics that I search for in an announcement color." — Nina Magon

Blue Veil

Blue Veil, Benjamin Moore

"It's a blue with hints of dim that has an extremely ethereal quality to it, loaning itself effectively as a by and large 'unbiased' that has profundity and complexity. I utilized it in a California shoreline house as the divider shade of all the passages and basic territories over a splendid white cover. It is such an unpretentious blue, to the point that progressions for the duration of the day with the normal light, staying cool and relieving yet not in any way boring." — Jeff Andrews

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