2009 Kips Bay Show House - Zoya Bograd's Fairy-Tale Bedroom

2009 Kips Bay Show House - Zoya Bograd's Fairy-Tale Bedroom

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Designer Zoya Bograd makes a tall tale bedroom that would make any young lady's fantasies worked out as expected. Investigate this mysterious design highlighted in the 2009 Kips Bay Show House.

summary A Fairy Tale Bedroom

A Fairy-Tale Bedroom

"Hopefully, individuals who come into this room will come in with a major grin." - Zoya Bograd

A Fairy Tale Bedroom

Pink Sitting Area

A truly pink sitting territory, ideal for lunch time with friends.

Pink Sitting Area

The Vanity

A delightful vanity hung in lilac-and green-striped fabric.

The Vanity

A Magical Girl's Room

"This room is tied in with spring and enchantment. Likewise, in light of the fact that we have a considerable measure of light, it communicates the spring [season] and the hues I chose." - Zoya Bograd

A Magical Girl

The Ceiling

Bograd thought of everything, even the light installations and the painted points of interest on the ceiling.

The Ceiling

A Place for Everything

Bograd left no detail unturned. She included a little pink canine bed ideal for this stuffed Scotch terrier.

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